Pension Piepenhoeker - Wellness for your body, psyche, soul & pipes

In "Piepenhoeker´s Garden",  Cuxhaven May 4th, 2002

Rainer Barbi -

 - and his show cases

- on the show.

 retired pipe maker "Günter Kittner" on my show

Barbi is Germany´s No.1 pipe maker - there is no doubt about it.
But the first and most famous after WWII was Guenter Kittner.
He was good friend with Bo Nordh
and he is still alive and I am in contact with him.
People like Ex-Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt smoke Kittner pipes.
Kittner pipes are rare and expensive.
They have a 14-carat golden emblem on the shank with a K stamped on it.

Johann Kock - Denmark

 - and Kurt Balleby - Denmark

In three big tents -

in the garden house and in our store ...



...we exhibited pipes...

... tobaccos and accessories.

A pardner retailer from Bremerhaven

 Otto&Kopp with Peterson-pipes and cigars

Kai and Viggo Nielsen pipes (Denmark)

Lars Kiel from danishpipemakers.com was on stage

Bjarne Nielsen brought

... a lot great stuff

Baldo Baldi from Italy was on stage ...

... and brought his best pieces

Part of the garden before the show

"Pfeifenantiquariat" from Leipzig with some nice pieces

Baldo Baldi´s none-smoker´s-pipe

Lutz-Rüdiger Will with "Reiner-Design"

... and more "Reiner-Design"

Pipes from Danish pipe maker "Karsten Tarp"

Kurt Balleby and Johann Kock with Author Rolf Rutzen

Seems that Helmut and Lars Kiel (Denmark) made a deal

some more from Johann Kock...

...and Kittner´s  "Cobra" (not for sale)